Search Engine Submission

Pragya Net maximizes your presence on the Internet by ensuring that your site can be found when users search for your company, products and services. This is the lowest cost and one of the most effective methods of marketing your products and services on the Internet.

Pragya Net has invested over four years of research and development in search engine indexing and promotion. Our proprietary technology allows all sites, including database driven, active and e-commerce sites, developed by Pragya Net, to be fully indexed by search engines. We believe we are the only company to offer this technology. This is a critical issue because if a search engine cannot index the pages of your site, potential customers searching the Internet cannot find your products and services listed on your web pages. Our clients have a major advantage over their competitors because they have up to ten times more pages indexed on the search engines.

Pragya Net optimizes your web pages so that search engines can find all search terms. When search engines index your site they assign high relevance to the keywords on each web page. This ensures that when a potential customer searches for a product or service you offer, your site appears in the results displayed by the search engine.

Pragya Net's propriety promotional tools automatically submit your site to all the major search engines on a daily basis. Our automated system submits every page of your web site to the search engines. Competing systems only submit your home page once per month. We continually optimize our promotion tools and add new search engines as they become popular.

  • Key words embedded in pages;
  • Layout/templates targeted towards spiders (search engines) so your key words and phrases can be indexed;
  • Search engines can index all web sites developed by Pragya Net, including database driven sites, e-commerce sites and on-line stores;

  • Registration with all relevant directories/search engines from initial group of 400+;
  • Register with all major search engines;

On Going Promotion
  • Apply to all search engines for re-indexing;
  • Apply to all new directories;
  • Monitor site activity;
  • Use Pragya Net proprietary promotion tools to optimize your presence on the search engines;
  • Update your site so as it is continually optimized for search engine placement;
  • We submit one page to all the major search engines once per day;